Xpander for the Masses / Delamar Review

2016/08/01 It is time for summer holiday and here comes a free download for all sample junkies. This is a special monophonic sound from the vintage classic Oberheim Xpander synthesizer (American revision) captured by SampleRobot. If you play this multi-sample with a software sampler polyphonically you will get the idea how good the Xpander sounds. SampleRobot sampled all sound nuances and even the dynamics in the articulation. Check the quality of SampleRobot's automatic multi-sampling engine, load the following Soundfont 2 file into your software sampler and play the Original!

Oberheim Xpander Dynamite SKY Soundfont 2

Author Felix Baarß from German web music magazine delamar recently reviewed SampleRobot 5 Pro.

"Support of additional export formats is highly appreciated, Skylife ramped up tidily."

"Here we have a highly complex and also powerful application to create sound libraries out of electronic sound sources."

"This is a must-have for all who would like to create big sample-based (multi-)instruments for various formats."

SampleRobot 5 Pro is rated with VERY GOOD, 4.5 stars out of 5. Thanks to Felix and the delamar team!

Read the full review in German on delamar's website.

We will be back later in August with the new release of SampleRobot 5 Multi-X. Have a nice summer holiday!


Computer Music Performance Award

2016/05/25 We are glad to announce that SampleRobot 5 Pro was just bestowed the Computer Music Performance Award. Thanks very much!

Owen Palmer put SampleRobot to the acid test in the current issue cm231 of Computer Music. Here are some quotes from his review.

"Sit back and let this powerful app clone your hardware or software instruments."

"We're blown away by the range of sampler formats that SampleRobot can export to."

"We can safely say that SampleRobot does everything it's supposed to do, and does it well."

"It has the potential to make your life much easier."

"Rating: 9 out of 10"

Thanks to Owen and the CM team!


SampleRobot 5 Multi-X announced

2016/05/13 It is Friday the 13th and we have good news not only for scary users. We are about to release SampleRobot 5 Multi-X in August. This version offers almost all of the professional autosampling features of its brother SampleRobot Pro on a budget. You will get features for fully automated sampling of MIDI sound sources, hardware and plugins, as well as semi-automatic sampling of acoustic instruments, voices and experimental sounds. With SampleRobot Multi-X you can create large multisample sets lightning fast in the format you like. Multi-X stands for Multi-Export. All available SampleRobot 5 Pro export formats are available also in Multi-X including Soundfont2, HALion, Kronos, microSAMPLER, Volca Sample, OP-1, Kontakt and Reason, EXS24, Dimension, SFZ and WAV.

Compared to SampleRobot 5 Multi-X the Pro version offers up to 24 bit recording depth while Multi-X supports 8 and 16 bit only. SampleRobot Pro also features release sample triggers, a MIDI monitor section and MIDI controllers.

As an option SampleRobot 5 Multi-X can be expanded by the loop and transient editor WaveRobot 5 making editing operations a breeze.

SampleRobot 5 Multi-X will cost 129$ / 99€ / 85£ and it will be available shortly in the SKYLIFE STORE.


SampleRobot @ Musikmesse 2016

2016/04/06 It is time for Musikmesse in Frankfurt again, from April 7th till 10th. The SKYLIFE team will be around showing new SampleRobot 5 Pro and also preliminary versions of SampleRobot 5 Sampling Suite, Multi-X, KORG Edition and WaveRobot. Those newly updated products will be released in April. If you would like to meet the SampleRobot team at Musikmesse please drop us a line: support[at]samplerobot[dot]com. We can arrange a meeting then.

Talking about the Mellotron in our last web news here is a really charming video from 1965 introducing the Mellotron as a wooden "musical computer" to the public. As you can see it is not hard to explain what this wonderful "new" instrument is all about. Keep on filling tapes with tasty samples!

The Mellotron


Do your own sampling as much as you can!

2016/03/02 Recently Jean-Michel Jarre did a video together with NI where he talks about how he was inspired by the sampling technology in the early days. - And he still is! "Do your own sampling as much as you can!" is his mantra. Coming from the Musique Concrète background where he started his artistic work in the french group around Pierre Schaeffer by cutting, modifying, looping and rearranging tape snippets, he recognized that sampling was a key to his musical expression. After all those years he is still using his old hardware samplers like the Fairlight and the Emulator II. He referres to them as beloved instruments with a special character. Video on YouTube (image courtesy of NI).

When we designed the first version of SampleRobot over a decade ago we had this idea of building an application that could help musicians building new instruments via samples fast, pretty much in the mind set of the Musique Concrète. The virtual keys in SampleRobot are like empty tapes on a Mellotron that can be filled with any type of audio, musical notes or concrete sounds, and, of course, those snippets can be looped in various ways with WaveRobot. What instruments like the Mellotron could not do was changing the tapes in real-time in respect to keyboard velocity. So we expanded on that. In the latest version of SampleRobot you have the ability to create up to 128 multisample velocity layers in a single Project. And you do not have to rearrange tape snippets any more! During export SampleRobot will take all those individual samples, stacking and mapping them across the keyboard so you can use the created instrument directly in almost every software and hardware sampler.

We are glad that the editorial stuff of German BEAT magazine recommends SampleRobot 5 in the current issue 04/2016 and rates the application with 6 out of 6.

"The software takes care of all those aspects of sampling with impressive results."
"SampleRobot is and stays the number one when working with loops and multisamples."
"With its clever algorithms the application saves endless time."

Thanks very much to the BEAT editorial!


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